My first intention in setting up this site was so that I could have a reference point for myself for all things Mozilla that I have discovered. Soon after coming up with the idea though I figured the information here would be useful to others, especially if the kinds of questions I've seen on the Mozilla newsgroups is anything to go by. If you have any suggestions or additions or whatnots, please feel free to contact me with them. And now, without any further delay, here goes. :)

Primary Mozilla Sites
The main page for the Mozilla project.
Bug reporting website. Report your fresh new bugs here, check for preexisting bugs, add commentry to bugs as appropriate.
News, advocacy and build comments. This site also contain's Asa's build comments.
Mozilla News
Mozilla and related projects news.
Mozilla Projects
Location of various Mozilla projects as created by the Mozilla community.
XUL Planet
XUL projects portal. Themes, Mozilla extentions, etc.
News, tips, info, links and hacks related to Mozilla.
Mozilla DevCentre
O'Reilly's site on all things Mozilla including news and reference articles.
LXR Web Source Interface
Web Based interface to the source code for Mozilla and other projects.
An effort to keep track of bugs and add features that'll make Mozilla great for porn. Also has instructions on how to make your pr0ning easier.

Configuring/Using Mozilla
FAQ for Linux Users
FAQ that covers the basics from installtion to getting your mouse wheel going.
Customising Mozilla
How to change user related CSS, making fonts more readable on Linux, key bindings, misc preferences sans UI, UI look and feel customisation.
Security Policies
Javascript security policies. Control what Javascript may find out about your browser/setup and what sort of things it can do to your browser.
Custom Keywords
Configure aliases/shortcuts for websites to use in the location bar. Also allows aliases/shortcuts to take an argument and substitute it into the aliased URL.
Tiny Mozilla Resource Page
Extra plugins for Mozilla's sidebar, custom keyword configuration examples, different Mozilla icons and splash screens.

Mozilla Themes, Toolbars, plugins and other projects
XUL Planet Themes
Central portal for Mozilla themes.
Alfred's Themes
LittleMozilla, Wood and Star Trek themes
Mozilla Gesture Toolbar
Allows you to use mouse movements to execute common browser commands.
Penzilla Calendar
OEone's calendar and scheduler.
A Mozilla-based SGML/XML/HTML browser developed by CiTEC.
A utility for creating custom sidebar tabs.
Javascript utilities for use on the page you are viewing. They can search/open/show the links on the page, find data in or about the page and other fun things.
My Mozilla Projects :)
MozDelta (Coming Soon)
A utility for making and applying deltas to Mozilla's nightly builds. Essentially it creates a file that tells the utility the differences between two nightlies so that you can go from an older one to a newer one without having to download a complete new nightly.

Help for Mozilla Projects/General Documentation
The Jargon File
Wee dictionary of terms used by Mozilla developers.
How to Localize Mozilla
This explains what needs to be done to localise Mozilla. If, for example, you wish to convert Mozilla to Klingon and noone else is doing it, you'd look here to find out how.
Useful tool to help you in your localisation efforts.
XUL Documentation
Documentation for the language the Mozilla interface (themes etc) is written in.
Keyboard User Interface Doc
Documentation on how and why the Mozilla keyboard interface is the way it is (and how it might change in the future).

Source Code/CVS
Complete Mozilla and modules source code
Complete Mozilla source code
XPI Installation Wizard
Installation wizard that is used on the Mozilla 'sea' archives.

Mozilla & Netscape Public Licenses
Links to the MPL 1.1 and NPL 1.1 licences (and historical versions) plus the Relicensing FAQ and Mozilla's licensing policy.
Promiscuous Source (GPL vs. MPL) (alt)
'It is my opinion that MPL is more free than GPL.' - David Wallace Croft
New Licensing and Old Problems
cURL author's explanation of how and why he delt with GPL, LGPL, MPL and MIT/X licences.
On the Netscape Public License
Richard Stallman's discussion on the NPL and MPL with respect to the GPL.